Saturday, March 25, 2006

Odds n' Sods

How Would You Like Your Coffee?
State Senator Ada Smith is facing criminal charges after her alleged hot coffee assault of a staffer this week. This is said to have come after the employee made a remark about Smith's progress at Weight Watchers. From the New York Times:
The staff member, Jennifer Jackson, charged in a complaint that Senator Smith threw the coffee and pulled a hairpiece from her head on Tuesday morning, causing injuries to her eyes, shoulder and back, according to court papers.
It's time for someone to teach Smith a lesson: City Court Judge William Carter should order her into the Times Union's Weight Loss Challenge. Now that would be punishment ---and I believe that Team Flava Unit is short one member.

Radio Waves
Clear Channel announced that Kristen Delaney will head the media giant's radio operations in the Capital Region. She replaces Dennis "No Beverages in the New Building" Lamme, who was sent to clean things up in St. Louis. They sent out a press release containing not one, but two exclamation points in a single paragraph:
"In just the first few minutes of meeting Kristen, I knew she had the natural talent to lead the team! Then in examining her background and her accomplishments, it was easy to see she was right for the post!" said Regional Vice President of Eastern/Central PA & Upstate NY, Richard Lewis.
So that's what happened to Richard Lewis. He used to be so funny.

Letter of the Week (so far)
Regarding our item about Albany County health inspections, a regular reader wrote:
If I absolutely HAD to eat a cockroach, I'd want it prepared by Dale Miller and the crew at Jacks.
Good news: Downtown Albany's Restaurant Week begins April 3 and Jack's is on the list of places offering $16.09 meals.