Monday, March 13, 2006

A Night in Heaven

A reader wrote:
Sure, you may have been named best blog in Metroland's Reader's Poll, but Alan Chartock topped the list of Local Celebrities You'd Like to Have a One-Night Stand With.
The truth is that the list appears to be arranged alphabetically, not in order of preference, but as I've said in the past, those fund drives are powerful stuff.
Alan Chartock is a regular, and someone's had a powerful yearning for Liz Bishop for as long as I can remember. John Gray and Judy Sanders (separately, not together) are always on there, too.
As I strolled around the office Thursday, this much was clear: that list is again the most popular item in one of Metroland's biggest issues of the year. But you can't help but wonder, is much of the voting actually done by newsroom folks? This year's appearance of Albany Public Safety spokesman, Detective Jimmy Miller cements that impression. After all, they all call him "Super Cop," don't they?