Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Big Fat Sunday Newspaper

It may not be the golden age of newspapers, but they're still the only local media with the resources to do big things. If you don't believe me, have a look at the TU's Capitaland Quarterly in your Sunday paper. They used to publish this look at the local economy once a year under the title Capitaland Report, spreading out the massive amount of content over three Sundays. As the name indicates, it will now come four times yearly, which makes for something more manageable, and I would guess, more marketable.

An editor's note says that "We've remade Capitaland into a magazine-like publication," but I'd say that's not quite right. If they want to make this into something that won't be tossed in the Sunday newspaper pile, it needs to be not just magazine-like, it needs to be a magazine. This would give it some lasting value ---and possibly a second life as an economic development tool. But as usual, it always comes down to the money. There are plenty of advertising and production issues at play, and printing things like that may have to wait until they put in those new presses.