Friday, March 10, 2006

Life of Pi

Another brilliant move by a radio station owner puts a hard working man on the street.Galaxy Communications owner Ed Levine rolled into town Wednesday and fired J.R. Gach's Bone morning show sidekick Pi. Why? Because Pi called someone a "big pussy" on the air. While not exactly a polite term, pussy is hardly firing material, especially since it was used to mean wimp, not to describe female genitalia. That might be firing material. How many newspapers and magazine's have printed the name Big Pussy in stories about the Sopranos? In just the last week? Anyway, in the world of morning radio, what Pi did hardly ranks as even a misdemeanor.

Usually when radio people suddenly vanish their names are never spoken again. J.R. didn't play that game Thursday morning, and openly talked about Pi's abrupt and unexpected termination. Said Gach later in the day, "What people don't know about Pi, was his tremendous work ethic, his tireless efforts on production and imaging, his gung-ho attitude and never-ending willingness to work. I could see that in Pi the first time I met him."

I'm sure Mr. Levine knows what he's doing; after all, he's screwing around with the only thing he has going for him on that radio station.