Saturday, March 11, 2006


Breaking Maiden
On Wednesday we got this release from the Albany County DA's brand new press person Rachel McEneny. It contained this hilarious quote from David Soares:
Do we really believe that we are providing the support that young people need to negotiate the trials of teenage hood?
We're going to have trials of teenage hoods? Now your talking, Soares.

The Reviews Are In
Here's a post that was kicking around the TV Spy Watercooler this week. Maybe there is something good going on at WTEN:
Author: newscherub Date: Mar 7, 2006 5:12 PM EST
Dana Dieterle filled the news director position. I like him a lot, he just left WHDH in Boston. Great guy and good leader!

Double Dipping
College of St. Rose flack Ben Marvin wants you all to show up for this:
WHO: Students from The College of Saint Rose who have spent their Spring Break in Louisiana and Mississippi helping rebuild communities ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.
WHAT: They return to Albany tomorrow(Saturday), March 11
I guess it's not enough that they had CBS 6's Greg Floyd along for the trip with a photographer. Maybe you could get some nice shots of him stepping off the plane.

Thank you to the people who voted for Albany Eye as Best Blog in Metroland's Reader's Poll. I should take you both out to lunch, or something.