Monday, March 06, 2006

Hooked on Classics

Bach that rocks, all day long.Today's the day that WMHT flips the switch and turns on Classical 97.7 WBKK. This new upbeat alternative to the public broadcaster's own WMHT-FM will provide classical programming tuned to the ear of regular folks. Let's face it, old school WMHT-FM is not what you'd call accessible ---in fact, most people can't stand listening to the station. The new WBKK will be to WMHT what Adult Contemporary is to AOR. What do you think people will pick? Some bouncy Mozart number on WBKK or Vagner Vednesday on WMHT?

So if this new approach works, what then? What then is that WBKK's stodgy old uncle takes a back seat. And with three radio stations, you've got to wonder if WMHT might use one of them to take a run at the public radio area that's growing, not shrinking: news and information.