Tuesday, March 21, 2006

High Fiber

It's Spring, and the lawns are a mess ---but it's not moles that have been doing a job on the grass in some area neighborhoods, it's Verizon. Contractors in Bethlehem have been busy laying the groundwork for the company's FTTP (fiber to the premises) service. With FTTP you have a fiber optic cable running right into your home instead of copper wire, which means lightning fast internet ---and sooner or later, video services. This will mean you can not only "ditch the dish," you can ditch Time-Warner.

Several communities in New York State have already franchised Verizon to provide its FiOS TV service, and the company is going after more big roll outs, particularly on Long Island. If you think Time Warner's ubiquitous ad campaign against satellite is aggressive, wait until you see what they unleash against Verizon. But while they have lots of arguments against the dish, what can they possibly say about fiber? That gophers will chew through the cables?