Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Family Business

Patronage is as old as politics, but now and then one comes along that's really worth noting. I'm talking about the appointment of Rachel McEneny as the PR flack for Albany County DA David Soares. McEneny is the daughter of Albany Assemblyman Jack McEneny. Though apparently more interested in theatre than politics, she ran several of her father's campaigns, and headed up one of Mike McNulty's re-election bids ---as if McNulty's slam dunk campaigns require management.
If you need more proof that politics makes strange bedfellows, McEneny's father-in-law is former Yonkers Mayor and Senate candidate, Republican John Spencer. You really should read up on "conservative" Spencer.

We wish Mrs. McEneny Spencer the best of luck, and hope she'll refrain from the flamboyant nonsense that her predecessor, Richard Arthur, seemed to crave so dearly. And get the DA's office on the web, for goodness sake. It's hard to believe that someone as politically ambitious as David Soares doesn't have a home page.