Friday, March 17, 2006

The Face of Troy

Brenda Ann KenneallyTroy has a seamy side that you can practically taste. You don't need to go far from the Music Hall and the galleries and the colleges to find it ---and if you've ever been to the Flag Day Parade, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It really is different from Albany and Schenectady, and in a strange way, the people living on the gritty fringes of Shirley Jackson's Troy are as unique as the city itself.

Photographer Brenda Ann Kenneally's award winning series, Upstate Girls, is a gut wrenching look at the cycle of poverty and desperation in Troy ---particularly its effect on women. There are 40 photos in the online exhibit. Another of her projects, about crack use in a Brooklyn neighborhood, may be seen here. Kenneally's pictures are intimate and powerful; when you see them you'll wonder what kind of person it takes to gain this sort of trust from her subjects.