Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Eternal Sadness of the Alleged Lizard Stomper

Jerome Green: The saddest alleged perpetrator ever.The cops like to show off mug shots the same way mothers like showing off pictures of their kids and fisherman like shots of the big one that didn't get away. Mug shots are about as interesting as those other pictures, but now and then you get a real doozy ---like this one. It's hard to look at this picture (here's a large version) and not feel bad for the guy.
Jerome Green was arrested by police in Amsterdam for allegedly killing a pet lizard that belonged to his roommate's son. We may never know if he was overcome with grief over being arrested, or for the violent death of the reptile in question. According to the Times Union, police say that Green:
Threw the animal onto the kitchen floor, repeatedly stomped on it, and then threw it on the roof of the building.
The suspected lizard stomper is charged under Buster's Law, the only thing Jim Tedisco has ever accomplished in the State Assembly. Before getting elected minority leader, that is.