Friday, March 03, 2006

Cold War

That's it. We finally reached the point where there can not possibly be any more weather on TV. It's everywhere, and I'm just not buying that there's any difference whatsoever in the forecasts. And Doppler? Nobody understands it. So, now that we have parity, how will we decide who wins the weather war? I propose we stage some sort of Fight Club thing between the weather teams. My money is on WNYT. Think about it:
Steve Lapointe? Prepare to have that smug little smile wiped off your face. And Mailey? C'mon, can you really imagine Tom Mailey popping somebody?

Steve Caporizzo isn't as big as he looks on TV and Andy Gregorio will not fare well ---but on the other hand, this Jeff Smith kid could be a problem.

FOX 23
Noah Francis. Possible trouble here, because he looks like he might be a little crazy.

I'm not sure Kovachick is quick, but if he gets hold of you, he'd probably rip your head off. Jason Gough appears formidable and he's got that Texas thing going on. Caiano? A well known scrapper who's taken his lumps on the mean streets of Albany. Will not back down.
Unlike another 24 hour weather channel, this is something that I'd like to see. How long will it last? Consult rule seven.