Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Alan and the Pirates

An IRS filing shows that WAMC President and CEO Alan Chartock received a $48,000 raise during the fiscal year ending in June 2005. Including other benefits, that brings his total compensation in at over $165,000.

This all came up when Berkshire County gadfly Glenn Heller posted the form on WAMC Northeast Pirate Network, a web site devoted to attacking Chartock. The Post's Fred Dicker, another long-time Alan Chartock antagonist, joined the fray on his WROW radio show Monday.

Is Alan Chartock really worth $166,101.00 a year? I say no. He's worth more. WAMC has grown into a powerful and influential force in regional broadcasting ---a force that arguably does more good for the community than any other radio or TV station. Chartock's leadership and charisma are no small part of their success. According to a member of the station's board of trustees, the raise came only after an examination of compensation at other public radio stations. Hearing the board explain this process -and how they found that Chartock was underpaid- isn't as interesting as listening to people bash him. Maybe that's why it didn't make its way into Mark McGuire's story yesterday.