Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Winter Break Blues

It was a real pleasure driving to work yesterday, the road free of all you folks stuck with having President's Day off. Suckas! Since most area schools are on break, it's also a big week for winter getaways...unless you work in or near the TV news business.

As you know it's February sweeps, and in most newsrooms, February means no vacation. While normal people are free to go on cruises or hit Disneyworld, anchors, reporters, producers, photographers, and others deemed essential to the ratings war are commanded to work. If you want time off it better be for something good, like a funeral ---and only if it's for a member of the immediate family. Be prepared to provide a note from your mortician.
One well known news personality says she's gotten in the habit of taking the kids out of school in March to get some sunshine time. "We've even gone so far to get lesson plans and reading assignments from teachers before we go," she said. "We never end up actually doing any work, though." That's my kind of parenting.

All I can say is thank goodness nobody gives a hoot about July sweeps.