Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What Closes on Saturday Night

Mark May 6 for this year's Legislative Correspondents Association show. This is the 106th edition of the annual event, featuring reporters and other newsy types lampooning state politics and politicians. If you've never seen the show, it makes for a good night ---and if you can't afford the $250 main event, you might find your way into the dress rehearsal.

This leads to a question that must be asked: How much political satire can one town stand, anyway? If it's Washington, I'd say that the sky's the limit, but I'm not so sure about Albany. We used to get this sort of thing once a year, but now, thanks to Michael Carrese's Only in New York (OiNk) outfit, the yuks never stop. Carrese used to write much of the LCA show before starting his own troupe, who essentially do the Capital Steps thing, except it's more State Street than K Street. You may remember Carrese as the bearded, furrow-browed host of WMHT's New York Week in Review. And he always looked so serious.
Still can't get enough? The TU's Capitol Confidential publishes Carrese's faux news gags ---as does the Empire Page. This stuff isn't Daily Show funny, but it's mildly amusing in the way this web site is sometimes mildly amusing.

Anyway, this year's LCA show is sure to be full of gags about Governor Pataki's intestines, unless he dies or something. That would have ruined the Harry Whittington jokes, too, wouldn't it have?