Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Back in September, we wondered how talent with ordinary looks will fare under the super fine detail of high-definition TV. Well, friends, the countdown may be on. In the other story about broadcasting in this week's Business Review (the slightly less tedious of the two stories) comes this:
(Bob)Furlong hopes that by early next year, WRGB will be able to broadcast its local news in HD, but the station has yet to purchase the cameras and equipment to produce in HD.
So that's why Bob Furlong wants to slash salaries over there: that stuff's expensive. Anyway, he'd better hope those cameras have a little something to soften the appearance of their high-mileage anchors ---like the ones on that morning show, for example. If you think it's hard to watch now, wait until you wake up and see it in HD. Somebody pass me the V-Chip. And they don't fare much better in the evening.

It may sound funny now, but wait until they wheel those things into your studio. Except CapitalNews 9, of course. The kids over there don't have anything to worry about. Yet.