Monday, February 20, 2006

Phar Phrom the Phantom

Phantom phans don't mind being phar away phrom the phun.I was dragged kicking and screaming had the pleasure of attending The Phantom of the Opera Saturday night at Proctor's. My lovely companion doesn't screw around when buying tickets, so we had seats in the tenth row orchestra, which is just about right for a show that size. When I stood up and looked around during intermission though, I was once again blown away by the vastness of that place. I couldn't help but think how crummy it must be to watch a show from the back or way up in the balcony.
Unlike Broadway houses, Proctor's wasn't built for legitimate theatre. They like saying it was originally a vaudeville theatre, and yes, vaudeville played there, but Proctor's was made to show moving pictures ---back in the day when movie theatres were huge. Distance wise, you'd have to stand on the curb of 44th Street outside the Majestic Theatre to be as far away from the stage as those in Row Z at Proctor's.

Oh, you say! But these folks in the provinces? How would they ever see live theatre if not for Proctor's? I say, pshaw. Sitting half a mile away from the stage isn't very much like seeing live theatre. And from what I can tell, the provincials don't care, because the run at Proctor's appears to be selling loads of tickets.