Thursday, February 02, 2006

Opening the Book

Can you believe that this is the first day of February sweeps? I'm really hoping we get some ridiculous stories this month, because to me, that's what sweeps is supposed to be all about. There have been some big changes around here, like WTEN getting a new news director and WRGB discovering that it's important to get the news right, so we'll see if anyone delivers.

Meanwhile, don't you think it's a bit weird that WRGB hasn't bothered to include Greg Floyd on their web site? Floyd's been there since December, but he still isn't featured on the station's Meet the Staff page. West Palm's WPEC wasted no time in getting a nice picture and bio of Lindsay Cohen posted. Likewise, Fox 23 made sure that viewers could check out Rebecca Hall two hours after she bolted from WNYT. So why no Greg Floyd?

Maybe it doesn't mean anything, but what does it tell you when the station's marquee anchor isn't even listed among the staff? After two months? Who's running that web site, Liz Bishop?

EDITOR'S NOTE: It appears that CBS 6 actually changed their web site since 4:30am and disabled the old bio page.