Friday, February 10, 2006

Live From New York, It's John Faso

Even in this age of technology, live TV is still a place where things can go horribly wrong. That's what I'm hoping -no, praying- will happen on Tuesday night when John Faso takes to the airwaves at 7:58 to announce that he's running for Governor. The former Assembly minority leader's unprecedented live event will cost $104,000 and run on TV stations across the state. Here in Albany, the announcement will immediately precede the Olympics on WNYT.
I have nothing against John Faso, but like a lot of people in this business, I enjoy seeing things go haywire. Failed prompters, mixed-up tapes, dead mikes, bad signals ---it's all hilarious. Especially when it happens to someone else. This Faso deal will require that nine TV stations do something new and get it right the first time. Good luck with that.

Mr. Faso, I don't know much, but I can guarantee that your announcement will be totally f***ed up by 40% of the stations you've bought time on. Don't worry, even if you look stupid, you'll get make-goods.