Thursday, February 23, 2006

It Was a Dark and Stormy Knight

I slipped in my hand and gently lifted his heavy pen from his pocket...So, you've been chipping away at that novel you're writing for how long now? Two years? Four years? Longer? Maybe it's time you considered genre fiction:
EAST GREENBUSH -The East Greenbush Community Library will host a free program on Saturday afternoon, February 25 at 2:00 pm conducted by some of the members of the Capital Region Romance Writers of America. They will show how romance writers compose the perfect story and share the secrets of their craft to get their novels published.
Don't laugh. This could be a way to turn your unreadable pile of slop into something you could sell. C'mon, be honest. Even if you've only leafed through romance novels searching for the sex scenes, you know what these books are all about. And your story is sure to work, because the romance trade ain't just bodice ripping anymore. It embraces all sorts of sub-genres, like westerns, time travel, mysteries ---now there's even a NASCAR romance novel, titled In The Groove. Oh, baby. Or maybe you could relate better to Vicki Lewis Thompson's nerd series, in which the geeks get the girl. Yay!

So take your lame ass book, insert some heaving bosoms, racing hearts, and a few mighty thrusting shafts, and maybe -just maybe- you can get some publisher to reach out and gently grasp your pulsing manuscript.