Monday, February 13, 2006

Chubby Chasers

Mr. James: Down seven pounds, but still shopping in the husky aisle.It's been a couple of weeks since the TU kicked off their Diet Challenge, pitting teams of girthy guys and gals against one another in a contest of gigantic proportions.
The paper set up a blog where the contestants share their dieting experiences, and reading the entries, it's easy to understand how these people got large in the first place: they're all obsessed with food. There's hardly a single entry that doesn't talk about what they're eating, not eating, wish they were eating... Just look at this from Mr. James of the Big Boys & Girls Club:
180 more days of counting calories, 180 more days of saying NO, 180 more days of passing the buttered biscuits to the skinny person on my left, and 180 more glorious days of testing the knit, nay the very fiber of my willpower.
You don't have to be a shrink to know that when Mr. James falls off the wagon, he's going down face first into a pile of cheese fries. And Chris, of the Waite Losers, shared this about his ten pound loss:
I'm sure some of the weight loss can be attributed to my prep for today's colonoscopy.
Yech! That, as they say, is a little too much information. Anyway, after their week two weigh-in, it appears that none of the team members have gained weight since starting. That's good news, because it would be nice to see less of them in the future.