Monday, February 27, 2006

57 Channels and Nothin' Out

There's a channel for everything on Time-Warner digital cable ----except a gay channel. What about Bravo, you ask? Well, that's not technically a gay channel, even if it is pretty gay. Anyway, there are now several cable networks programmed specifically for the gay and lesbian audience, but not one of them is available to area viewers. Why? That's what local marketing guru and activist Libby Post would like to know. Post is leading an effort to get Time-Warner to add Logo to their system; the channel was launched in 2004 by MTV Networks/Viacom, people who know a thing or two about serving an audience properly. I don't think anyone is saying that there's anything wrong with Time-Warner, just that they should get on the LGBT thing ASAP. It's not like there isn't room for everyone up on the digital tier.

You really ought you have a look at Logo's TV schedule. Borrowing one of the greatest ad lines ever, from Levy's Rye, you don't have to be gay to love Logo.