Friday, January 06, 2006

Your Own Personal Jesus

Oy Vey! Would you people down there try to lighten up a little? A letter writing campaign has been under way complaining about NBC's mid-season replacement show, The Book of Daniel, which premiers tonight on WNYT. In promos I've seen for Daniel, title character Aidan Quinn has conversations with Jesus while sitting in his Volvo. Is that so wrong? Two affiliates have already bailed on the program, which has been described as 7th Heaven meets Desperate Housewives ---and as usual none of the people complaining have have actually seen it. TV critic Tom Shales has seen it; he hates it for other reasons.

Here's an actual viewer complaint letter (unedited), forwarded to us by a tipster at WNYT:
I am writing to let you know I am really SHOCKED that you would be willing to air this show BOOK OF DANIEL ... on your station, WNYT. I was under the impression that your station aired Good, Quality, Family acceptable programs. This is a travesty ..and there is NO EXCUSE ...for it to be put on your station.
I,... along with MANY others, will be boycotting this time slot if it does appear on your roster as well as this station,... if it does . By the son ...Daniel... was named after my reading ..the "Book of Daniel" from the Bible...and this is an outrage and an embarrassment to him and many others like him!Shame on you for even entertaining the thought of introducing this to your audience...and calling it ..."Entertainment"!!!!
Who wrote that, Jim Tedisco?