Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Waiting for J.R.

By the time you read this, J.R. Gach may already be back on 94 Rock. Or not. We were tuned in yesterday morning to see if the rumors were true, but it turned out not to be the day that dawned with Gach at the helm of the station's morning show.
J.R. abruptly disappeared from the station a couple of weeks ago, vanishing not just from the air, but from WRCZ's web site ---also suddenly dark, or blue as the case may be, is the show's web site. Is he really gone, or is this just some stunt? If it's a stunt it's a lousy one. Leaving your listeners swinging in the breeze isn't a great way to get them excited about your new time period. Advertisers have been told Gach is a go for mornings, but this wouldn't be the first time a radio station lied to its clients. Stay tuned, as they say...