Monday, January 30, 2006

Turn Off Here

NABET 21 is turning up the heat in its fight against WRGB. Over the weekend they showed up in Albany in front of Huck Finn's Warehouse (the humungous savings store) with a crowd of protesters at CBS 6's Survivor auditions. WNYT was there, getting shots of GM Bob Furlong looking on nervously as his sweet little event went somewhat sour. I guess nobody explained to Huck Finn's Jeff Sperber that there would be a bunch of picketers and cops outside to greet shoppers and wanna-be Survivors.
The union is also hitting the airwaves this week with a media campaign to support its Turn off CBS 6 signs and billboards. You can check out the spots here; They both do a good job of explaining the union's position, but the TV commercial is particularly nice. Several readers have pointed out that former WRGB reporter Darcy Wells voices the spots; she now heads communications at PEF.