Tuesday, January 31, 2006

T-Bone Checks In

Blogs have become handy conduits for political parody, as seen in the faux-first person Harriet Miers and Samuel Alito web sites that chronicled their respective roads to the Supreme Court. Now New Yorkers have one of our own, the T-Bone Golisano for Governor blog. The site's been updated slightly more often then the real Golisano web site, and has actually made an announcement about the billionaire's intentions:
Look at the great Buffalo Bills teams of the early nineties. Those teams lost three straight Super Bowls, and yet they persevered and went to a fourth Super Bowl.
And so, I hereby announce I am spending for Governor.
You and I look at this and understand that we're reading a parody, but not everybody gets the joke. Paul Vandenburgh, WROW's irony impaired morning host, read from the blog on the air yesterday, citing it as a sure sign that Golisano has formally joined the race. What a maroon.