Sunday, January 29, 2006

Swing Time

The TU's Mike Goodwin did the only thing left to do on the Schenectady swinger story this weekend: he paid a visit to the Friday night come together party at The Union Street Bed & Breakfast. Goodwin toured the facility, sampled the finger foods, and talked to folks who are into The Lifestyle. After closely reading the article, we have no reason to suspect that Mr. Goodwin tasted the sweet, forbidden pleasures of participatory journalism.

He also interviewed neighborhood activist Dana Swalla. Ms. Swalla...oh, sorry, Dr. Swalla, has been leading the charge this week against the bed and breakfast's special purpose. It's important to note that she's Dr. Swalla, because she listed herself on the petition she handed around as Dana Swalla, Ph. D.

Maybe I'll start calling myself Albany Eye, BS.