Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Stupor Bowl Wednesday

Hey...When you guys said I had a meeting with Philip Morris, I thought you meant the cigarette people.In a sense the State of the State address really is the Super Bowl of the political year: boring, predictable, and over-stuffed with meaningless ceremony. The difference? Now and then we get a really good Super Bowl.
Pataki's swan song is a huge waste of time and money, but it will be interesting to see how long he spends patting himself on the back or if he breaks his own record for the use of the world bold. Last year bold appeared 21 times ---20 if you don't count the one use of boldly.
As always there are many ways to enjoy the State of the State. Watch live on Capital News 9, listen on WAMC, or if you're totally desperate, click to a live feed at Be warned: If your computer is like mine, once that thing starts playing you may not be able to stop it.

As usual, Sheldon Silver's response follows ten minutes after the Gov finishes; I'll let you know if I can find a podcast of this for those nights you can't get back to sleep.