Wednesday, January 25, 2006


There's a petition going around to force a referendum on Brian Stratton's $28,000 pay hike, so when WROW's Paul Vandenburgh promised to help get it done, I expected something BIG! Maybe a rally outside Schenectady City Hall, with bullhorns, and music and people waving signs. Now that would really be impressive.

Instead, he announced yesterday that there would be a live remote at Sally's Street Side Cafe in Rotterdam. Huh? What about the rally? What about going to the streets and taking back our government? What about the bullhorns? What about actually doing it in Schenectady? This was apparently news to Sally Pardi, owner of the establishment. By 10:30am, Pat Zollinger, the activist running the petition effort, announced on her web site that Sally had backed out. On top of that, Zollinger called Pardi a liar in today's Gazette. You've got to love Schenectady.

So here's what we have: No rally, no music, no signs, no bullhorns, no Sally, no Schenectady, and now, not even a cheesy live remote. Whatever happened to the days when these radio people had some sense of show business?