Thursday, January 05, 2006

Random Notes

State of the State
The most interesting thing about yesterday's speech was the steadicam shot of Pataki walking down the aisle and up to the podium. It went on forever, reminding me of that amazing sequence in Goodfellas of Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) entering the Copacabana through the kitchen and greeting everyone along the way. Martin Scorsese would be envious.

Mine Fallout
Just like everyone else, the Troy Record ran the erroneous mine survival story yesterday. Unlike everyone else, they ran it on the obituary page. Creepy!

Speaking of creepy, WROW's Paul Vandenburgh checked in yesterday after hearing one of the miner's family members mention a possible lawsuit: "She can plan on suing, but there probably isn't light at the end of the tunnel there..."

The Department of Humorous Names
I would never stoop so low to make fun of someone's name. Except maybe just this once.

The president of the New York State Bar Association is A. Vincent Buzard. I don't know how he pronounces it, but a lawyer named buzzard? That's priceless.

From the New York Lottery: Fannie Spoor of West Chazy got the gift that keeps on giving this year by scratching her way to millions. Fannie Spoor! Scratching her way to millions!