Monday, January 16, 2006

New Blood

To understand WTEN's new news director, Dana Dieterle, you need to know the name Joel Cheatwood. Cheatwood is well known in news circles for perfecting the "if it bleeds it leads" school of broadcast journalism. His sensationalistic approach to crime and mayhem made a success of Miami's WSVN, a formula he later used to drag Boston's WHDH out of the ratings cellar. These are both stations where Dieterle has worked, most recently at WHDH. Does this mean he's going to show up on Northern Boulevard and wave the Cheatwood magic splatter wand? That will be interesting to see. The station has already made fits and starts toward taking an aggressive hard news position ---and Dieterle's been hired to make them walk the walk.

It's tough to find out much about Dana Dieterle, although it seems he belonged to a Manchester, Connecticut Boy Scout Troop in the 70's. No indication of whether he got his Journalism Merit Badge.