Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mystery Man

Maybe you should consider turning off the TV and reading a book now and then? This would be a good place to start.I mentioned the author Trevanian in a post on Monday, but it escaped my attention that he passed away in December. Trevanian was the pen name used by Rodney Whitaker, who wrote cool books like Shibumi and The Eiger Sanction ---and last year's The Crazyladies of Pearl Street, a autobiographical novel about a boy growing up in 1930's and 40's Albany.
The reclusive author, who kept his identity cloaked for many years, also wrote non-fiction under his own name, like his well known book The Language of Film. Interestingly, in college I read (was forced to read) The Language of Film at about the same time I read The Main. Had I only known.