Monday, January 30, 2006

Mid-Winter Blogs

Some people expected the whole blogging thing to be just about over by 2006; for better or worse, they were wrong. This week we're going to take a quick jog around the Capital Region blogosphere and see what's new and noteworthy.

After some fits and starts, the TU has gotten up to speed, first with their Editors Blog, but now with the must read for political junkies, Capital Confidential. It's like a peek inside the notebooks of the reporters working the capitol ---or a chance to overhear the sort of snarky observations that can't make it into the paper. Elizabeth Benjamin seems to particularly enjoy the new format, quickly becoming the site's most active participant. Maybe we can eventually see some photos that don't get printed in there.

Some of the paper's other blog choices don't quite measure up yet, like some of the sports selections, but if you doubt they're serious, just go to the home page and see how BLOGS has taken a place among the navigation buttons.