Friday, January 13, 2006

Meet the Press Club

The Women's Press Club of New York State has teamed up with the local chapter of the Press Relations Society of America for a January 25 event titled "The Year in Review and the Year Ahead: Top News Stories of 2005...and 2006." Big whoop, right? Well not so fast, because it seems that not everyone's happy about the program. In a blistering email, Betty Flood of the Cuyler News Service, who serves as the club's Vice President for Membership, savagely ripped the WPC president Jeanne Cross over not having a single woman on the panel. OK, she's upset ---but she also copied her nastygram to about fifty members. From the email:
I find it very discouraging and disgusting that the Women's Press Club would lower it's sights to participate in such an event. Is this what leadership is reportedly about? Is this the best that you could do?
You can read the whole thing here. The person who sent this says Flood is known as a tough cookie(that's not the phrase she used), but isn't this some harsh stuff for an organization that's supposed to be about empowerment and all that?
Maybe they need to take a cue from the Women's Business Council.

Note: Several people wrote that they weren't surprised by Flood's bitter tone, but by her atrocious grammar.