Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Greg Floyd: Blotto on New Year's Eve

Greg Floyd was one wild ass party animal in the early '80s, wasn't he?He's got the skinny tie, the wraparound shades and the coat he picked up at a thrift shop for five bucks: It's 1981 and he's Greg Floyd. The TU published a letter from the WRGB anchor yesterday congratulating Blotto for their New Year's Eve performance at First Night Saratoga ---and yearning for the good old days:
For those of us who enjoyed Capital Region nightlife in the early '80s, Blotto was "the band," and it's great to see Sarge, Bowtie, Broadway, Lee Harvey and the rest of the band haven't lost a step. Forget "I Wanna Be a Lifeguard;" I wanna another Blotto concert ---soon!
Can't you just imagine Floyd bobbing his spiky haired head to Blotto at J.B. Scott's or The Chateau Lounge? If you can picture him massaging Liz Bishop's feet, anything is possible.

For some reason, the TU didn't publish the letter in their online edition, but you can read it here.