Friday, January 27, 2006

The Friday File

Aside from local TV news, WAMC is without question the most prolific producer of broadcast content in the area ---but maybe you haven't heard one of their local shows because it's on at such a weird time. The Weekly Rundown, which is described on their web site as "a little bit week-in-review with a healthy dose of pop culture", is hosted by WAMC regulars Mary Darcy and Greg Dahlmann and runs Friday nights at 9pm. The show's topics are aimed squarely a younger audience, touching not just on the news but all sort of other things. My favorite part is Katie Britton's commentaries ---but maybe I just like hearing the way she says "Katie Britton." Don't usually spend Friday night listening to public radio? Like many other WAMC shows, Weekly Rundown is available as an mp3 download.