Monday, January 16, 2006

Enjoy Troy

Remember A Christmas Story, when Ralphie finds out the Little Orphan Annie Decoder ring was nothing but a crummy commercial? That's how bad this was.I was pretty excited when this fell out of my newspaper: The 2006 Troy Record Calendar. Excellent! I quietly scarfed it up before anyone else could get their hands on it, expecting something cool to hang up in my cubicle. I figured that I was in for month after month of historic Troy images or photos by Record staffers showing local landmarks ---but that's not what I got. As I leafed through the year, I found that each month featured a huge ugly ad where the picture was supposed to be, from clients like MoonDazl Realty and Inferno Pizzeria. Who would hang this thing up? My copy went directly into the garbage.
I'm not about to say this is the worst piece of crap I've ever seen, because believe me, I've seen some real crap in my time, but I wonder who really got screwed here: the readers or the advertisers?