Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Drive, He Said

If you can afford to pay Time-Warner a hundred bucks a month, I think you can give these fine folks $50 a year.Call me a geek, but I like listening to big congressional hearings on the radio. Alan Chartock had a letter in the TU yesterday about his station's practice of airing major hearings, defending WAMC's recent gavel to gavel coverage of the Alito confirmation sessions. Yes, thank goodness we have journalists and commentators to put things in perspective, but it's important to experience this stuff unfiltered.
The station finds itself in a bit of a pickle in February, as their Winter fund drive begins on the same day the Senate Judiciary Committee opens hearings on domestic spying. While this provides good material for the fund drive, it creates some coverage issues. In promos that started last week, Chartock urged people to pledge early and promised to work the fund drive's daily goals to allow time for the hearings. Since I enjoy the fund drive even more than listening to Senators mouth off, I'm expecting the week of February 6 to be an exceptionally good one.