Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Cable Guys

How is it that we are so blessed to be allowed a glimpse into these hallowed chambers?Policy wonks, government geeks, and news nerds rise up and unite! The New York State Legislature is now on TV.
I'm so excited about this that I upgraded to digital cable so I could bask in the cool blue glow of democracy in action. That cost me several more dollars a month, but boy was it worth it. Now we can all tune in and enjoy the sonorous oration of Shelly Silver, Joe Bruno's sparkling smile, and the incisive wit of Jim Tedisco. My question is what will they do out of session, show highlights and great moments in the Legislature, like ESPN Classic?
Anyway, here's what Tedisco had to say:
Televising the proceedings of the Legislature is a resounding victory for the 19 million New Yorkers who deserve to know exactly what their elected officials are doing when they are in Albany.
If that's the case, they should also put cameras in Cafe Capriccio, Nicole's Bistro, and other downtown eateries popular with lawmakers and the lobbyists who love them.

This is great news for FOX 23 GM Jeff Whitson. Now there's finally something on that will have lower ratings than his five o'clock news.