Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Boning Up

J.R. Gach kicked off his new morning show on "The Bone" Thursday talking about the previous day's press conference. Mark McGuire, he said, "Looked like a drug dealer," and the Gazette entertainment reporter appeared to be "retarded". It's all good fun.
There's much prognosticating going on over what Gach will do to morning radio around here, but I have a theory you probably haven't heard: he will hurt WROW. Many of the same folks who used to listen to J.R. in the afternoon tuned to Paul Vandenburgh in the morning ---and if his show continues to deteriorate, they're bound to switch.
It increasingly sounds like WROW's morning show is something inconvenient that interrupts the commercials, not the other way around. The 6-7 hour is a throwaway, the newscasts are sloppy, and there's a reek of cheap and cheesy that you can practically taste through your radio. The only saving grace is that lately he's had Fred Dicker on a couple of times a week, who's become noticeably sharper in correcting his host's wrongheaded statements.
It's too bad. The Vandenburgh show could be much better, but if they don't invest in a crack staff and clean things up, it will continue to sound more like market 262(Texarkana) than market 62.