Monday, January 23, 2006


Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.This is from the handbook Freedom Broadcasting gives out to WRGB employees:
In any year that WRGB exceeds its operating goals as set by Freedom, all eligible WRGB Associates will receive a year-end bonus.
Unless they're in the union, that is.

2005 was a profitable year at CBS 6, and yes, all eligible associates got a bonus ---except the 44 photographers, engineers, and editors represented by NABET 21. They got squat.
You may recall that the union employees are working without a contract, trying to stave off a 15% wage cut Freedom's trying to shove down their throats. One can certainly understand why GM Bob Furlong wouldn't OK bonuses for the NABET members. Even though they worked hard to give him a good year in '05, they're making him look bad in front of his boss ---and to someone like that there's nothing worse. When he's not stewing about that, he's probably dreaming of the money he could save by cutting 44 salaries by 15%!