Wednesday, January 25, 2006

And Speaking of Schenectady...

Neighbors of the Schenectady swinger house complain of loud parties and people fondling each other on the porch. It could be worse: you could live next to Rep. John Sweeney. Some Schenectady residents are upset that a local bed and breakfast is catering to swingers ---and we're not talking about martini drinking, nouveau Rat Pack hipster types. As Gazette reporter Kathleen Moore helpfully explains:
Swingers are couples who agree to have sex with other people. Typically they meet another couple, switch partners and have sex.
So they're not getting together to do the Lindy Hop, are they? The Union Street Bed and Breakfast's web site features a special section for those into "The Lifestyle", featuring pictures of amenities like The Dungeon Cross and The Examination Table. Have fun opening these at work.