Friday, December 30, 2005

Worst Local Newspaper

It's not that the Business Review is incompetent. No, they put out a nice publication that's properly written and features many attractive photos of executives standing with their arms crossed. It's not that they don't print interesting stories ---hey, who doesn't find commercial real estate fascinating? And it's not that they don't fill a valuable need; After all, you can't count on the TU to tell the whole story of Tech Valley, can you?

All that's well and good. My problem with the Business Review is their spineless approach to journalism. The paper reads like the chamber of commerce newsletter, sidestepping tough issues, tough questions, and tough reporting. It's a bland and inoffensive place where all the news is good, everyone gets along, and even the most boring press release is welcomed with open arms.

From my own narrow viewpoint, just look at the media reporting. How can you write about what's going on in local TV and never once mention the turmoil at WTEN? Everyone in the business community is talking about it ---except the business community's so called newspaper.