Saturday, December 31, 2005

Vox Populi

Was that some year, or what?The readers have spoken on 2005.

Spelling Bee Champ
John Gray for getting both Ken Screven and Dan Bazile's names wrong in a recent column. Attention Alice Green.

Teacher of the Year
Beth Geisel

Rebound Leader
Greg Floyd. Who knew a demotion at Fox 23 could be such a great thing?

Best Reversal of Policy
Metroland returns the sex ads to the main section.

Least Likely to Succeed
Free Beer and Hot Wings on Q103

Witch Hunt '05
After examining email records, ClearChannel accuses various employees of tipping us to their "No Open Container" policy.

Podcast Wishlist
Live at the State Capitol with Fred Dicker. Who wouldn't want a copy of the infamous Dicker-Denny Farrell donnybrook.

Fred LeBrun

Most Irritating Commercials of 2005
Vanessa Carlton's Time is on My Side spots for Time Warner. Hand me the noise canceling headphones. Runner up: Advantage Suzuki's Go Kooky for Suzuki campaign.

Best Reason to Have the Intern Start Your Car
CBS 6's ad campaign introducing Greg Floyd excluded any mention of co-anchor Liz Bishop.

Genius Award
To whoever decided to put down Steve Caporizzo's Pet Connection segments over at WTEN. That's smart, nuke a feature that people love watching.

Safe Driving Commendation
Capital News 9 will do anything it takes to get to a story.

Kneejerk Medal
After some dumb blog questioned their list of top ad agencies, the Business Review printed a full page defense of its list making technique.

Who could possibly pick their favorite quote from WROW's Paul Vandenburgh? Here's a good one from February:
I'd like to see Donald Trump on Inside the Actor's Studio. That's somewhere they'd ask him some tough questions.