Friday, December 16, 2005

The Vandenburgh Report

Don't confuse the Drews...Don't confuse the Drews...Don't confuse the Drews...Don't confuse the Drews. SHUT UP ALREADY!People have been complaining that we've been ignoring WROW's Paul Vandenburgh. Sorry about that ---but it's not like we haven't been listening. This week Paul's been kvetching about the difficulties of pulling together a listener cruise to the Caribbean, a trip he hoped people could give as Christmas gifts. Imagine being stuck on a ship for a week with Paul Vandenburgh; Can you say George Allen Smith IV?

Another hot topic has been Vandenburgh's impending 50th birthday. He's been making 50 sound not like the new 30, but like the new 80. He already comes off as someone old beyond his years, but expect it to reach a deafening crescendo on Tuesday morning. We'll see if Albany Broadcasting does something special for him; they pull out all the stops when it comes to taking care of their employees.

Finally, the show was supposed to originate today from the studios of Capital News 9, but it sounds like Time Warner backed out on the appearance. The other day, Vandenburgh said:
They've made it clear that they don't want us down there, so let's just forget about our relationship.
Ouch! Breaking up really is hard to do, but come on, do they really want to bring in an engineer early so WROW can camp out in their conference room?