Thursday, December 01, 2005

Taking It To the Streets

NABET Local 21 has taken its fight against WRGB to the station's advertisers. In addition to their lawn sign and billboard campaign, the union has started sending letters to CBS 6 clients urging them not to support the station ---and now they're planning to to show up on advertiser's doorsteps asking customers to shop elesewhere.

You'd think they might target big companies like Price Chopper and Raymour and Flanigan, but no, the union has announced it will go after Worden's Furniture and Gift Shop on Pawling Avenue in Troy. Who? My sentiments exactly.
I'm guessing that they chose this place because they can get close to the front door to meet and greet the customers. Most big stores are insulated by acres of parking lot ---private property where picketing and leafletting are forbidden.

We'll see what happens, because the union's efforts really seem to need some focus. Dozens of people who know I work in the media have asked me the same question: What's the deal with those Turn Off CBS 6 signs?