Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stems n' Seeds

I'll tell your where you can stick your 15 degree February live shots...Departure
Reporter Lindsay Cohen is leaving WNYT for West Palm CBS affiliate WPEC. Cohen was always solid, but may best be remembered for standing outside during those god forsaken 11pm live shots in the rain or freezing cold. Couple of more weeks and you'll all wish you were moving to Florida.

"I'm Not Getting Paid for This Crap"
From the Governor's press office on Friday:
First Lady Libby Pataki today participated in the seventh annual Scholastic Read For 2006 global classroom reading initiative by reading to children at Uriah Hill Early Childhood Center in Peekskill, a school Governor Pataki attended as a child.
That's gotta be worth something.

You Write the Promo
You think your job sucks? How would you like to be the promo person who has to introduce Greg Floyd to CBS 6 viewers? Sheesh!
Maybe this would be helpful: An advertising slogan generator that spits out catchy branding statements. Just plug in the name Greg Floyd and you're ready to rock. Click "Sloganize" for more. My suggestion? Greg Floyd. He's not just Liz Bishop's boy toy anymore.