Monday, December 19, 2005

State of the Union

WRGB General Manager, Bob Furlong, contemplates how next to screw his loyal employees.There was a time when NABET 21 would strike rather than take the sort of contract that WRGB General Manager Bob Furlong is trying to shove down their throats. Today the membership votes on whether to approve the company's latest offer, which still includes a 15% wage cut, less vacation time, higher costs for medical insurance, and possible loss of retirement benefits.

Things aren't what they used to be at local TV stations. Union rule has been watered down, part-timers do the jobs once held by full-timers, and bosses are obsessed with the cost of keeping so many experienced people on the payroll. You've got to feel for Bob Furlong. How can he make any money with all those disloyal employees taking vacation days? But Old Fezziwig Furlong* did find one way to save a few extra bucks this year: he cancelled the company Christmas Party.

*Several people have written that I'm misusing the "Fezziwig" reference; For the humor impaired, I was being ironic, OK?