Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sky's the Limit

Old SchoolWe are lucky to have the Albany Patroons back, but we're nothing short of blessed to have Micheal Ray Richardson as the coach.
Maybe you've read about Richardson's post game antics and tirades against his players. Phil Jackson, he ain't, but in Richardson we have a bona fide character, somebody who's instantly the area's most interesting and colorful sports figure.
Richardson's shooting star career first landed him in town when he played for the Pats during their 1987-88 championship season ---this was following his expulsion from the NBA for drug use. Richardson may best be remembered for one of the great post game interviews of all time:
REPORTER: What do you think is happening to the team?
RICHARDSON: The ship be sinking.
REPORTER: How far can it sink?
RICHARDSON: Sky's the limit.
Since then, Richardson's found his way to clean and sober. If you try real hard you might actually find a copy of the Chris Rock narrated TNT documentary Whatever Happened to Micheal Ray?, or a copy of his autobiography. Meanwhile let's hope Richardson can adjust his style so there's a little more Zen Buddhist and a little less Bobby Knight.