Sunday, December 25, 2005

Radio Daze

I'm a sucker for the old time radio stuff, so I was delighted when Jack Keenan's 25th Annual WGY Christmas Special came on yesterday morning. As I listened, wrapping presents in the basement, my delight soon turned to dismay. Just minutes into the show, catastrophic technical problems launched the program into an excruciating mix of tape hiss and white noise that lasted for something like 20 minutes. Once they restored the program, intermittent periods of dead air and noise continued for the remainder of the two hour show. I don't know what happened up at WGY's modern new beverage free studio, but it was the sloppiest thing I've ever heard. Having worked in college radio, that's saying a lot.
The Keenan show is scheduled to be rebroadcast this morning at 9am.