Thursday, December 08, 2005

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Only the songs are left from Sam Patalino's days singing in Troy's nightclubs, days that evoke memories of shaking maracas and a dancer named Tangerine. -Times UnionMaybe you've seen those needy folks in the Times Union Holiday Fund pieces? The warm profiles of local people in need of a little help have been running recently on the front page of the paper. WNYT reported last night that the man featured yesterday, 78 year-old Sam Patalino, is on the Colonie Police Department's list of Level Two Sex Offenders. It turn out that Patalino is the same man who is identified on the police department web site as Salvatore Patalino, who was convicted in 1991 for the sexual assault of a ten year old boy in Rensselaer.
Of Patalino, the TU writes:
There's another thing he dreams about. Something that, compared with his Radio Shack tape recorder, is a little ... well ... extravagant. But something that would let him make such music! As he put it, "Oh boy."
He's talking about a karaoke machine, of course. This from a statement issued by TU editor Rex Smith:
I wish we hadn't spotlighted a sex offender, and we will more carefully screen the names forwarded to us as profile candidates in the future. But I don't think our readers would want us to reserve our charity only for those who are without blemish.
Also: AP story. And Editor & Publisher.